In the last two years, Christy Bristol has representing Seychelles in continental competition and her passion for table tennis is unrivalled as she fought her way to the quarterfinal stage of the 2018 ITTF Africa Top 16 Cup.

The 23-year-old mother of one was introduced to the sport by her sister in 2006 and in the last two years, she has remained unbeaten in her country.

“I love table tennis and my passion for the sports goes beyond making money from it but just love playing the game. Sometimes people ask me what I am gaining from the sport but to me table tennis is another life. Without table tennis, I don’t think I will ever imagine travelling to other nations in Africa. It has made me healthy in life and the virtues I have gained from the sport have been helping me in my daily life,” she said.

The graduate of National Institute of Health and Social Studies is nursing a tall ambition of becoming the first Seychellois to compete at the Olympic Games.

Already selected for the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia, Christy Bristol is hoping that she can defy the odd. “My dream is to win a medal at the African Games as well as feature for my country at the Olympic Games. I know it is a tough dream but I am ready to work hard and achieve my dream. Amidst the array of stars in Africa, I am sure with more hardwork, I can rub shoulders with the best in Africa.”

The 2011 Indian Ocean Games bronze medalist was out of action for more than six months after putting to bed and when she returned she reclaimed her title as the best female table tennis player in the Ocean Island nation.

The trained physiotherapy technician admitted that combining table tennis with home chores has been very challenging. “I must tell you that it has not been easy combining playing table tennis with my chores and this has forced me to be training twice weekly. Even with that I still remain the best player in the country.”

She however highlighted that lack of quality coaching as well as less support from government have adversely affected the fortune of table tennis.