Having gone through the process of selection of the team for the 2015 African Games, Farah Hassan Safa made the final cut to be listed in the Djiboutian team competing in Congo Brazzaville.

Since the tournament started in the Central African nation, Farah Hassan Safa has been in joyful mood as she has been thrilled by the skills displayed by top players in Africa.

“I actually started table tennis in 2009 and it has not been easy combining it with my education. But I was able to combine it with none of them affecting each other. Although table tennis is not that popular in Djibouti but efforts are being made by the association to popularize the sport among the youths,” she said.

However making the team to Brazzaville is a big honour for her. “I am indeed honoured to represent my country and making my first appearance in the tournament. It is a privilege I want to utilize very well. I am not used to this kind of atmosphere I am witnessing in Brazzaville because I have seen a lot of fans coming to watch table tennis before. But I have surprised each day with the turnout of fans at the venue. Also the facilities are awesome because we never had such in Djibouti.”

From the 10 national tournaments organized to select the team, Farah Hassan Safa won six to emerge as the number one player in Djibouti ahead of her teammates. But for the 15 year-old athlete this means nothing as what matter most is the success of the team.

Apart from the quality facilities that attracted Farah Hassan Safa, the youngest player is inspired by the skills of Dina Meshref of Egypt. “I love Dina because she is the best in Africa and I have been watching our matches in this competition and one day I will like to be like her. Also with all I have seen in Brazzaville, I will continue to play table tennis so that I can also become African champion and win medals for my country.”

She admitted that it would be a tall order if they win medal but nothing is possible in sport.