Since she made her debut for Algeria at the 2015 World Junior Circuit in Mauritius, FEREDJ Hiba has cemented her place in the junior and senior national teams.

On her debut, she was part of the girls’ team that won the African Junior Championship title at the expense of superpower – Egypt and she has continued to improve that she was selected to be part of the female team to the 2016 World Team Championship in Malaysia.

She was inspiration to the Algerian team to the 2016 World Junior Championship in Pretoria, South Africa and now she will be spearheading the girls’ team to the forthcoming African Junior Championship in Tunis come April.

Narrating her sojourn with the Algerian team, FEREDJ Hiba said: “I am very happy and satisfied with my decision playing in the Algerian national team because at some point of my life I wanted to be able to play at international level and go out there to improve and compete at high level and now that I have had the opportunity to do that by playing with Algeria. I don’t regret that and will never regret my decisions I am very honoured to represent my national team.

In the last three years, FEREDJ Hiba admitted, “I have had an amazing experience so far with Algeria by winning the African championships in juniors and being able to qualify to the world championships at junior and senior levels. It has been a very good experience being able to see the top class players compete and be competing there as well feels like being part of something to play in the national team.

“There are many memorable moments can’t really chose one playing my first competition with Algeria at the African championships and winning gold for the first time for me and Algeria was a really good moment also when I got the opportunity to play the world championships in Malaysia and for juniors in South Africa this year but obviously all of the other competition when you win a medal it’s always a moment to remember especially when you get gold and hear your national anthem with the flag raising high it’s a special moment,” she said.

Not getting to give up on her potential with the Algerian national team, she added: “So far I am going down the right path and when you love the sport you can’t stop. You keep on going and I want to achieve a lot more in table tennis and want to become a top class player and one day go to the Olympics. I want to go as far as possible but only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go with the help from my family and coach. They will help me to follow my dream and I thank them for that and for motivating me and pushing me.”

On Algeria’s chance in Tunis, she said: “Yes of course Algeria can compete for the podium because we have done it once so we can do it again. After all anything is possible and with hard work comes great reward. As long as we work hard then we can do it.”

On her personal targets, she explained: “My target for this year’s African Junior Championships is to get as far as possible and hopefully win the competition. It will be good to win gold as well as do well in the team event as well. But overall I hope I play to my full potential and do well.”
For FEREDJ Hiba, table tennis has imparted positively on her in life. “Table tennis has made me the person I am today. It is something that I love and is in my blood. It has given me great opportunity to compete and have a fighting spirit to never give up and keep going. Also being active in table tennis has given me the chance to travel the world and see different cultures and most importantly it has allowed me to improve as a person and my game.”