Kamil Leroy may have been the youngest player at the ongoing ITTF African Junior & Cadet Championship in Algiers but the 11 year-old has a lot in his mind.

Leroy, who is a member of the Moroccan cadet and junior team, is also a member of the Moroccan U-12 national football team. And the pupil of Lycée Lyautey College in Casablanca is a man of many dreams to fulfil.

Accompanied by his father, Patrick Mendi Leroy, the Moroccan number one cadet star, whose girlish look stands him out and from his action, it is clear that the youngster is cut out for sports.

Narrating his sojourn in sports, Kamil Leroy said: “I actually started playing tennis at four but later I took to football which has always been a passion for me. But two years ago, I embraced table tennis and this made me to quit tennis. Now I combined playing football with table tennis. For now, I can decide what I will fully take to but sports is my passion.”

Being his first international tournament in table tennis, Kamil Leroy was dazed with the quality of most of his opponents but his large heart never stopped him from showing his quality.

Despite being part of the team that lost to Algeria on the first day of the tournament in the boys’ cadet event, it was Kamil Leroy that marshalled his team’s 3-0 resurgence against South Africa on day two of the championship.

After his compatriot – KARAM Salim has claimed the first game against South Africa’s NENE Nkululeko, Kamil Leroy made it 2-0 with 11-9, 11-6, 11-9 win over NAIDOO Yukail. He later partnered Karam Salim to complete the 3-0 rout of the Rainbow boys to give Morocco their first victory in the Group B.

Being the last child in the family, Kamil Leroy wanted to toe the path of the family tradition as his father, a former professional football and a member of the Moroccan Bowling team to 12 World Cups. “Sports has always been in the family and for me it is just to follow the footstep of those ahead of me particularly my dad. I hope to go professional in sports but for now I am yet to decide which one to drop between table tennis and football. I am so excited making the table tennis team to this tournament because it is an honour to represent one’s country in any major competitions,” he said.

Kamil Leroy never hid his knowledge of table tennis, while admitting that he would love to see Omar Assar of Egypt and Aruna Quadri of Nigeria live having watched them on YouTube several times. “I love Omar Assar style of play and he is my role model in table tennis. I also know about the exploits of Aruna Quadri because I am always happy whenever an Africa is doing well at global stage. So these two players are my favourites in the game.”

Despite been neck-deep into sports, Kamil Leroy is also exceptional in his education that he is among the best in the school.

According to Wikipedia, Kamil Leroy’s school – Lycée Lyautey is a French School belonging to the French Mission in Casablanca, Morocco. It was named after Marshal Louis Hubert Gonzalve Lyautey who was the Resident General in Morocco from 1912 to 1925. Lycée Lyautey is not only the most multicultural but also the most competitive school in Morocco. The Lycée has a very strong reputation; 96.51% of the class of 2008 passed the baccalaureate general (L, ES and S) whereas the French national average success rate was around 83.3%. It should also be noted that 13% of the students passed the French baccalaureate general with the highest honours.

However, Kamil’s dad believes his son is talented that he wants him to do sports but not to the detriment of his education. “I am a Mathematics teacher and I know the importance of education. I must admit that it has not been easy combining sports with education for him. But I never forced him to do what he would not want to do. I am not surprised with his talent because our family has always been known with sports. I played in the second division of French football league before retiring and I was for 15 years a member of the Moroccan Bowling Team where I featured in 12 World Cups. I just guide him but for now we cannot force him to do certain sports as it all depends on what he wants. Just give him any kind of balls and he will mesmerise you with his talent. I am proud of him and I will keep supporting him to do well and also take his education serious,” Patrick Mendi Leroy said.