This year, Nadeen El-Dawlatly has missed some of the major continental championships due to knee injury but she announced her return at the 2015 ITTF Africa Senior Cup in Cameroon when she fought her way to the final where she succumbed to the superiority of her compatriot – Dina Meshref.

From the way Nadeen El-Dawlatly sounded, it was obvious that her performance in Cameroon may have geared her up for the 2015 African Games in Congo Brazzaville.

“The 2015 ITTF Africa Senior Cup in Cameroon has really given us a boost in confidence but also it motivated everyone to even get better,” she admitted. The 2014 Lagos Open champion is eagerly looking forward to the African Games, which she said meant a lot to her country. “I am actually really excited to play the 2015 African Games. It was really fun and exciting last time. It is very different than any other competition as any medal we win will go in the count of Egypt. And the team spirit of all the Egyptian players from all sports aiming for the same purpose is really indescribable,” Nadeen El-Dawlatly explained.

She however admitted that the tournament promises to be explosive as every player is eager to win medal that will aid their respective country. She said: “My expectation is that it is going to be really hard and fierce as everyone will fight with everything they got to qualify and to get more medals for their countries. My target is to play the best I can and qualify and not to forget to enjoy the game.”

Nadeen El-Dawlatly is not certain on the mopping of the seven titles by Egypt by simply saying, “I think the Egyptian team is well prepared for this but everyone is also prepared. I pray that we win as many medals as we can,” she said.

She described the inclusion of new Chinese players by Congo Brazzaville as a boost to the sport. “Of course the inclusion of new Chinese players by Congo Brazzaville will raise the level of the competition and take it to another level. But I hope that we can surpass this level,” El-Dawlatly said.