The ITTF-Africa Development Program provides development opportunities to all National Associations affiliated to the Africa Table Tennis Federation. Development Courses are offered on a rotational basis.

Development Courses


Coach Education

The ITTF-Africa Development Program organises Coach Education following the ITTF Coach Accreditation System. The system offers coach education at a variety of levels starting at Community Leader right through to ITTF Level 3. Coach Education courses are offered to National Associations on a rotation basis, or can be self-funded.

As part of the ITTF Coach Accreditation System, National Associations are encouraged to adopt the ITTF-PTT Level 1 Coaching Course at a national level, and there is the possibility of organising a Course Conductor Training course, which will train national experts to conduct these courses locally.

Further information about the ITTF Coach Accreditation System can be found here.

Umpires & Referee Education

The ITTF-Africa Development Program offers Umpire & Referee Education on a rotational basis to the National Associations, and follows the ITTF Umpires & Referees Commission’s educational structure, which begins at a Basic level and moves through to an International Level.

In addition to Umpire & Referee Education, a Tournament Organisation Course can also be provided to assist with National Associations to understand all aspects required to organise a successful tournament.


Training Camp

The ITTF-Africa Development Program offers the possibility of conducting a Training Camp, which will have an ITTF Expert as the Head Coach, and can assist National Associations in their preparations for upcoming events, as well as provide practical Coach Education during the Training Camp.

ITTF Hopes Program

The ITTF Hopes Program is a worldwide Talent Identification initiative that is looking to act locally, while thinking globally. The Program targets athletes that are Under 12 years of age, and has a strong focus on Education, especially for coaches involved in the program.

The Program organises the ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge which occurs annually, and through developing this program at a Continental Level, the ITTF-Africa Development Program offers the ITTF-Africa Northern Hopes Week & Challenge & the ITTF-Africa Southern Hopes Week & Challenge, these two events are part of the qualification process to attend the ITTF World Hopes Week & Challenge.

However, the overall program’s motto is ‘Think Locally, Act Globally’ and therefore National Associations are encouraged to organise their own National Hopes Week, that will assist in introducing and inspiring young talents from around the world to further develop in table tennis.

Further information about the ITTF Hopes Program can be found here.

Women’s Development Course

The Women’s Development Course is a course targeted towards Women, and looking to ensure gender equality is provided at all levels of development. The Women’s Development Course could be any of types of courses listed above, but should have a specific target towards Women, and look to ensure greater than 50% of participants in the course are Women. Through the Women’s Development Course, it is envisaged that all courses that take place will have gender equality, and these courses are used to assist in achieving this aim.


Para Table Tennis Development Course

The ITTF-Africa Development Program, through the assistance of the Para Table Tennis Division in the ITTF, provide funding for one Para Table Tennis specific Development Course annually. The Course can be any type of course listed above, or more specifically for Para Table Tennis a Classification Seminar, in which the primary audience of the course are participants related to Para Table Tennis. This could mean Para Table Tennis athletes, Para Table Tennis coaches or Para Table Tennis administrators.


Equipment Packages


The ITTF-Africa Development Program offers equipment packages on a rotational basis. The equipment package includes tables, nets, rackets, and balls.