After having a swell time in his home country, Belarus’ Aleksey Yefremov will make a return to Egypt by May 31 where he will taking charge at the Training Camps for Hopes and after three days training camp prior to the ITTF World Junior Circuit “Egypt Open”.

Yefremov has been a regular in Africa aside working as a coach in Egypt; he has conducted training cum courses in South Africa, Morocco and Nigeria.

From May 31 at the new ultra-modern 6th October Stadium in Giza, he will be tutoring players below 12 drawn across Africa and beyond on the basics of table tennis.

“In Cairo I will conduct two different training camps. Hopes training camp from May 31 to June 4 and the importance of this camp is to improve knowledge of modern table tennis, learn some new things which can be useful in future, try to find the best way to approach every training session, learn some new services, returns of services, technique in general, some tactical advices before, during and after playing matches as well as some exercises of specific physical preparation,” Yefremov.

For the Global Junior Circuit Training Camp holding from June 5 to 7, the former Alhy Club of Egypt coach said: “The GJC Training Camp is meant to help the players to adapt to competition conditions – tables, flooring, balls and lighting. Also, they are expected to learn tactical and psychological aspects of the sport in order to gain more confidence before International tournament.”

Recalling his moment in Egypt, Yefremov said: “This will be my third training camp in Egypt because I was living with my family for almost three years in Cairo, when I was a coach with Ahly club between 2009 and 2011. I really have a pleasure to return to Cairo and organise two good Training camps for Hopes categories (under 12) and Global Junior Circuit “Egypt Open”.”

He added: “Also I would like to see how young Egyptian players improved in the last four years. I have been following the exploits of players whom I worked with in 2009 and 2011. Players like Dina Meshref, Nadeen El-Dawlatly, Alia Doaa, Shady Magdy, Omar Bedair, Omar and Khaled Assar, El-Sayed Lashin, Mohamed El-Beiali, Mohamed Tarek and a host of others. Also I want to see performance of new generation of players as well.”

For the training, Yefremov hopes that over 14 tables will be used for the 30 to 40 players expected at the training camps.   It is not only Yefremov that is looking forward to the training, the ITTF Competition Manager, Mounir Bessah is eagerly looking forward to an exciting tournament that will throw up new set of players.