From three weeks, coaches and players in Djibouti converged for a short-term training handled by German table tennis practitioner – Felix Schmidt-Arndt.

The programme was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and organised by the German Olympic Sports Confederation in collaboration with Djibouti Table Tennis Federation under the leadership of Mahamoud Oumar Omir.

According to Mahamoud Oumar Omir, the project consisted of two separate sub-projects which, in terms of content and methodology as both are interlinked.

“On the one hand, coaches were instructed and received further training. The mediation of modern approaches to and ideas of techniques, the structure of training units and the improvement of ball bucket training were central during the programme. Also the project involved Djibouti national players of different ages. Main areas of concern in daily training included the improvement of service and return, further development and improvement of irregular playing patterns as well as implementation of new stroke techniques,” the President of Djibouti Table Tennis Federation.

Besides the training, rackets and 500 balls were donated by the German Foreign Office.

Mahamoud Oumar Omir said to ensure that the tempo is sustained, efforts would be made to popularise table tennis in Djibouti across all regions with the intention of increasing the number of active players to 500.

He added that social media would also be deployed to increase the interest in the sport.

The organisers of the training also promised to continue to partner Djibouti Table Tennis Federation in raising the profile of table tennis in the Eastern African nation.