To popularize table tennis among female, the Djibouti Table Tennis Federation marked the 2016 Women Day with the promotion of table tennis among female.

The one-day event brought together Djiboutians and table tennis lovers in particular to celebrate women gender and the climax of the day was an open tournament with lot of gifts to all participants.
Under the leadership of the President of Djibouti Table Tennis Federiation, Mr. Mahamoud Omir and his team, the event was held on March 11 at the Stade AL Hadji Hassan Gouled with 32 players of all the ages participating in the tournament.

The event was marked with a lot of festivities and fun, while the First Vice President of Djibouti Table Tennis Association, Madina Said, who is in charge of Women Development as well as Saida Sikieyeh, who is the President of Djibouti Women and Sports and the Mr Abchir, Director of Sports from the State Secretary of Sport and parents were present to support this annual occasion.
According to the Mr. Omir, the federation would continue to promote women table tennis. “Our federation is determined to continue to promote women table tennis practices. We organize a mini Hopes tournament to reinforce December 2015 training camp conducted by Carole and Chloé. This could be the second women table tennis Hopes for the very young players and keep the existing group together all year round remains the goal.”