As one of Africa’s shining examples, Sarah Hanffou of Cameroun has been recognized for her humanitarian service in promoting table tennis across the continent.

As the founder of Ping Sans Frontières, Sarah Hanffou has been named as winner of the Athletes in Excellence Award Programme by the Foundation for Global Sports Development.

When the award was launched in June 2014, it was Sweden’s Peter Karlsson that was recognised for his outstanding contribution in helping those in disadvantages parts of the world.
Now one year later Cameroon’s Sarah Hanffou, , has been acknowledged as a result of her humanitarian efforts to help the less privileged.

“I am astonished, I am so moved, I do not know how to express all my gratitude; thanks a lot, sincerely”, was the reaction of Sarah Hanffou on receiving the news from Leandro Olvech, the ITTF Director – Development.
Recipients will receive a US$10,000 grant, in order to further promote their respective projects
“Of course, the money award is really significant but moreover, you know that sometimes when you tried to live according to you deepest convictions you have to face some difficulties and misunderstandings with your family and friends”, added Sara Hanffou. “It is sometimes an everyday struggle to try to manage the work, my sport career not to mention my private life!”
It is a juggling act; Sara Haffou has a full time occupation. She is a lawyer based in Paris.
“I do not run after any recognition but it would be a lie to say that when you have some, you do not appreciate it”, admitted Sara Hanffou. “It encourages me to do more and better; it is really supportive!”
Unquestionable Sara Hanffou sets a splendid example; originally she represented France but later transferred her allegiance to Cameroon, the country where her father was born.
A high level player, notably the winner of the Women’s Singles title at the 2010 African Championships and on duty at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Sarah Hanffou is giving back to the sport which has given her so much.
“I do not take it as a personal award, I could not work in developing table tennis in underserved areas around the world with Ping Sans Frontières without support of its members and partners”, concluded Sara Hanffou. “I really want to thank the ITTF for its support; again, thank you, thank you, thank you so much!”
A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with Ping Sans Frontières; close co-operation is planned to continue with the organisation.
In the near future it is proposed that Sarah Hanffou will visit the Haiti for two periods of one month each, first being in January, as part of the recovery programme.
Haiti was devastated by an earthquake on Tuesday, 12 January 2010.
The Foundation for Global Sport Development is supporting the ITTF Development and Education Prgrammes with funding for a seventh consecutive year.