The support from ITTF to the Uganda Table Tennis Association (UTTA) has started yielding after the Eastern African nation decided to take the TTX to schools in Kampala.

Prior to the tournament organized for international schools in Kampala, UTTA sent some coaches to the school to tutor the students on the basics of TTX.

After the expiration of the training, a tournament was staged among the schools with nine schools undergoing the training on TTX.

According to the President of UTTA, Jjagwe Robert, the efforts to promote TTX from grassroots started very well. “We were able to successfully roll out a TTX project in Uganda with 9 out of 10 international schools turning up. What we first did is to deploy coaches to these schools for five weeks training and this worked out very well. We believe if we had called for a TTX tournament without any coaching whatsoever, we would not get this kind of turn up for the new TTX format.”

At the grand finale of the TTX tournament held at Aga Khan International School in Kampala, over 168 participants turned up for the epic event. “At the grand finale, we had 168 participants turning up for the event which was very impressive for a brand new Table Tennis format that was totally new to the schools. (Initially we targeted 20 students per school so we fell short of 180 players by just 12, from the 9 schools that turned up. We consider this to have been a great success,” the UTTA boss said.

He added: “One of the key outstanding things that came out of the finale was that the students really liked the blend of competition with entertainment. Apart from the tournament, an acrobatics group called ‘Acrobatics Circus Troupe’ thrilled the players with acrobatic tricks which were greeted with applause from the students. I must admit that this really proved that the TTX model of blending competition with entertainment works very well to give a better and more enjoyable experience to our players.”

Despite being the last schools to register for the competition and travelling a long distance from their base, Horizons International School emerged champions in the boys and girls events beating Kampala International School and Kampala Diplomatic School to the titles.

To emerge the boys’ winner, Horizons thrashed Kampala International School 3-0, while they also inflicted same defeat on Kampala Diplomatic School.

An excited Jjagwe Robert thanked the management of Aga Khan International School for their hospitality during the finale while hoping that more schools in Uganda would embrace TTX.