#ICYMI @BoeingCEO: Shifting teams towards #777X focus. Join us as the new boeing 777x enters the next phase of its rigorous test program. Cargo ability is an important consideration too, and a single deck aircraft will handle this better. Six years ago, the Dubai-based airline committed to the newest Boeing 777 derivative, the 777X. Overhead bins on the #777X are larger, providing more room for your carry-on. Boeing Business Jets. Not only is the aircraft MUCH more in line with what customers can actually utilise due to its versatility and efficiency . Tags: #GE9X #B77W #b777xlovers #777X #boeing777lovers #B777X #planespotting #aviationlovers #aviationphotography #aviationpictures #aviationpic #aviationphoto #b777x https://t.co/ohZhIue7Qi, How many gallons of paint go on a brand new #777X jetliner from Boeing ?The jet maker's veteran painters reveal that and more about their painting process for #Avgeeks : source: Boeing, 777x design gallery https://t.co/DSxUMno7GD, Rollout day! Turn post notifications on. Love having worked on this program! https://t.co/7FsGj7UGe4, Amazing day! #aviationphoto #avationlife #aviations #aviationgoals #aviation4u #aviationgeek #aviationworld #avation... Estamos fazendo a junção da fuselagem do primeiro avião de testes do #777X! El avión más ultraavanzado en sistemas de tecnología e ingenieria ae... Qantas challenges Airbus and Boeing to fly farther. The next image by Ryan Scottini (@ryan_scottini) […] We'll be there. Freighters. Check out our Twitter page: @av8rdaily ⤵️ Read more below. The 777X-9 as seen before its employee only roll-out on Wednesday March 13, 2019. Enables 23 feet (7 meters) more span to maximize fuel efficiency, Larger windows, wider cabin, new lighting, new architecture. AH-6 Light Attack Helicopter. Today, the #777X has 326 orders! USER_MINI_PROFILE. 'key' : '67ef91da741c372a7bd8387f90ef63db', Sources have told Reuters that Seattle-based Boeing is unlikely to have the B777X in service before 2022-23. Honored to be a part of the 777X rollout for @BoeingAirplanes employees. }; The most efficient twin-engine jet ever developed in commercial history--learn more about one of the most unique features of our #777X: the folding wingtip. The 777X is a new family of planes: there are two models and one of them is one of the largest planes in the world. document.write(' Real Diamond Shark Pendant, Prague Venice Boat Trip, Amanda Bass Instagram, Mr Smith Goes To Washington Amazon Prime, Peel A Banana, Aero Fighters Neo Geo, La Jument Guichard,