"floatright", Overall Score 4.4 Decking and Hardscape First, you walk out the front door and notice the paint on your wood decking … In response, Fiberon has stopped making non-capstock decking. The company says it now has the issue under control but only time will tell. I’m told these are for a lighter weight deck, better ventilation & air circulation, and flatter lying boards over the course of time. The Atlantic … Fiberon, then organized as Fiber Composites, L.L.C., was sued in a class action (Fleisher v. Fiber Composites, LLC) for staining and mold build up in its non-capstock products. Combined with real wood fibers, the end result is a super-strong and long-lasting deck. A 9 Delta E color shift is, however, probably going to be noticed. The Dirt Test: The TimberTech planks should not be placed directly on the ground, or near dirt or moisture of any kind. While we take into account manufacture-sponsored testing, we also take the results with a small grain of salt. Discover how our Solid Core has helped prevent structural field failures for more than 30 years and why that matters for your outdoor living space. Installation is pretty simple, especially once you get into a groove. The company founded by extrusion industry veterans Jim Poulin and Martin Grohman. The wrapper includes Lumenite™ technology which, according to the company, keeps the deck cooler, sheds dirt more easily, and does not provide a hospitable environment for mold and mildew. The scalloping saves material without detracting from the rigidity of the boards. At MoistureShield they showed me how deep scratches are barely visible in their products (…even with the darker colored planks). We don't know how to keep a deck, or any outdoor structure, "always dry". for use with its products, and the use of any other hidden fastener may void the A.E.R.T. It was the boards that had the problem. On the other hand, in the color retention tests by Sherwin-Williams, ChoiceDek's uncapped products showed significant color fading all the way to a dingy gray just three years after installation. The cost of the material is kept competitive by making it hollow, which uses less material, and reduces weight, making it less likely to retain heat, and lighter and easier to work with but does not, according to company research, affect its strength or rigidity. Accents is the successor to Trex's original non-capstock WPC product. First, we think the most important factor, ease of maintenance, was wholly ignored. "images/Decks/GeoDeckEndCap.jpg", Companies that don't manufacture composite decking have also conducted tests of the materials. It seems to still have all the old problems. Correct Building Products narrowly avoided a class-action lawsuit similar to those against other composite makers only because it declared bankruptcy first. Company literature states: "…For the most part, algae and black mold sit on the surface and consume pollen without degrading the board. Having a good product, however, is no guarantee of success. It will not pay for shipping the materials to your house or the labor needed to remove defective boards and replace them with new boards. Limited protection against excessive staining and color fading. We cannot find Material Safety Data Sheets for this company online. Trex has been so far reluctant to admit that its boards warp and twist that severely, claiming that such defects are the result of improper installation. Its capstock is not as thick, so its embossing is not as deep as that on the Transcend product. Trex admits that fading will occur, and shows on its website the faded colors of its Accents products. A Brief History of Trex Trex invented the composite decking board in 1996 and is widely known as the pioneer in the wood-alternative industry. Wood decking is the overwhelming choice for homeowners. They put special inhibitors in the product to prevent mold and mildew. We have yet to find a composite material that costs less than sealed treated pine, so there are no minus numbers in the ratings. Certified & approved for use as decking material. It was a well-regarded product with a vocal deck-installer fan club. Most are flat on both top and bottom, while the Good Life boards have a double arch profile on the bottom and Veranda ArmorGuard™ has five arches. GeoDeck claims to be the "best overall composite decking solution in the industry.". Its decking materials are very new. The bottom of the board is not protected. For the record, they did not think that my 80 lb dog’s toenails repeatedly walking (and running) on this product would result in obvious scratches. I’m told that this list covers everything you’d want to know about the differences between composite deck companies and the degree to which each meets building code requirements. It was the original composite decking company and today is by far the largest company engaged exclusively in the manufacture of composite and PVC decking and related products. Those are the brands I like best at this point. What "periodic" means in this context is not defined but experienced installers suggest that a thorough cleaning at least once each year is required, and in very humid climates, as often as every 90 days. Mold and mildew are a frequent problem with non-capstock composite deck boards (More information here. This test did not include MoistureShield PRO. Trex has been sued in class actions so many times that it is hard to keep track. Both of these companies produce high-quality decking products. I did my deck in Trex composite decking, just about 625 sf. unless it happens to be located in Death Valley — and even that's not for certain. ChoiceDek®, MoistureShield®, and LifeCycle are manufactured by Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. Fading of 3 Delta E units is undetectable by most people, and 5 Delta E units represents slight fading. Our reviews are based on our hands-on experience with the product and tests and studies by organizations such as Consumer Reports® and other independent testing organizations, for example, Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories, to help us decide how one composite decking material compares to another. Cost: On average, $4 a square foot is a ballpark figure for MoistureShield composite decking (…plus installation, if you don’t do it yourself). Deep scratches could be covered up with a Minwax Stain Marker. This column will also contain a link to the manufacturer's Material Safety Data Sheet, if one is provided online. ", We also rely on documentation provided by manufacturers themselves for information about the composition and manufacture of the product, and the company's actual level of confidence in its decking. Includes unusual provisions that seek to force the consumer into small claims court or into arbitration and prevent the buyer from participating in a class-action lawsuit against the company. I’m pretty sure that no matter which composite decking company we ultimately decide to go with (if any), we would be in good hands with either MoistureShield or TimberTech. I purchased Havana Gold for the field and Spiced Rum for trim and accents. Tamko uses a compression molding process to make its capstock deck rather than the more common hot extrusion process. The Key Test: Scratches remain one of the biggest “issues” with composite deck materials (particularly the darker colors). Fiberon makes several styles of composite decking: All of Fiberon's decking boards are made in two profiles: a solid plank for surface mounting and stair treads, and with a side groove for use with hidden fasteners. Price out Azek decking vs Trex for an identical project, and you’ll quickly find Trex is the cheaper option, with Azek coming in at … Most people cannot see a color shift of 3 Delta E or less, and a 5 Delta E shift is still very subtle. The company will only provide the materials required for the repair. In any event, with a board wrapped on all four sides such as those made by Timbertech, it's not easy for moisture to get in, so there is no reason for the board to "breath". Polyethylene is a relatively soft plastic that does not have the wear or … Essentially, the warranty protects against any fading that you can notice, although you may see some slight fading. They are sold under several trade names as Fiberon products and as private brands sold by Home Depot. Consumer Reports® also rated GeoDeck a "Best Buy" just a few months before it was recalled nationally as being completely unsafe. Here’s some basic info to help you decide whether a Trex composite deck or TimberTech composite deck is right for your outdoor living space. Its care and maintenance instructions do not reflect the "ultra low care" claim, however. The product was rated a best buy by Consumer Reports® based on its excellent resistance to staining, mildew, and sagging; and its exceptional color retention. Warranty: Their 25 year warranty guarantees against termites, checking, splitting, decay, rot and splintering. Color choices: They have a number of color choices, and it sounds like they add a new color or feature to their product lines every year or so. GeoDeck claims that its boards are stiff enough to be installed on 24" on-center joists and still feel firm underfoot, not "springy" like some other decking material. The company's solution is to admit that the product will harbor mold and recommend frequent cleaning — so much for its "look of a wood deck without the maintenance of a wood deck" claim in its advertising. This lawsuit was settled in 2010 and Trex again agreed to replace the product, and pay some labor costs. GeoDeck faded about 6 Delta E units or a barely perceptible color change. At one time they were also sold by CertainTeed but that relationship has ended. 2.5 … The MVP has a different profile with a corrugated bottom, intended to reduce weight with little sacrifice in rigidity. Most decking is made through an extrusion process in which semi-liquid material is forced through a die which gives the decking its shape but some decking is made using other manufacturing methods. MoistureShield carries a nice mix of capped and uncapped composite decking. I realize it’s their job, but everyone associated with these companies has gone above and beyond to be helpful to me. You could even paint the posts & rails if you like (…but then you’d have the upkeep with that painted surface). It is important to note, however, that only fading is covered. Turns out that it really is Tamko's warranty. However, you do get a few added color choices (and deeper color pigmentation) in their MoistureShield line.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'thefuntimesguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',800,'0','0'])); Natural vs fake looking boards: The MoistureShield line definitely has more natural-looking designs than ChoiceDek. A.E.R.T. That’s probably because the embossing actually goes deeper on the MoistureShield line. The company characterizes its product warranties as "industry leading". All three MoistureShield boards are flat with wood grain embossed on both sides. The company was revived in 2010 with a new name in its original location in Torrington, Wyoming, and now produces decking. By comparison, the fading standard for vinyl siding is 4 Delta E, a barely perceptible color shift, so 5 Delta E is still a little more color change than we like to see. You are almost going to have to rely on the company's test unless you are willing to spring for the not inconsiderable cost of a test by an independent laboratory. Of course, collecting under the warranty could be a problem. Surface attachment. In 2009, LDI decided that GeoDeck "decking and railing lines were not meeting the expectations set forth by the Parent Company" and sold the product to Exteria, LLC which changed its name to Green Bay Decking, LLC, the current manufacturer of the line. This is born out by the Consumer Reports® tests that resulted in a rating of "very good" for resistance to sagging. Chacun a son gout. The warping and twisting can be so severe that it detaches the deck board from its fasteners. warranty. Copyright © 2004-2021 The Fun Times Guide | Privacy Policy | About | Contact | Sitemap, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, franklin.thefuntimesguide.com/the_face_behind_the_blog/. (Though I know for a fact that it’s only applied to the surface and topped with a “finish”.) Composite decking lasts longer, there’s no sanding or staining involved, and they’re much more durable. The only cure is replacement. Then, in October 2011, the ink on the new name barely having dried, GAF abruptly decided to exit the composite decking industry. Both are made from the same materials. Scalloped. The ESR prepared by ICC Evaluation service (see link above), requires joists to be spaced at 16" apart except for some heavy-duty commercial boards which can be spaced 24" apart. MoistureShield® offers the only wood composite decking that can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater. We don't even try to keep track of them all. GeoDeck owners disagreed and in 2007 brought a class-action lawsuit against Kadant, Inc. and LDI that resulted in a settlement in which the defendants agreed to pay some part of the cost of replacing defective GeoDeck boards or provide new boards at a discounted price, up to $5 million. The company's warranty guarantees against fading, and color changes of greater than 5 Delta E, which is a barely perceptible color change but warns that the boards may fade unevenly depending on the amount of exposure to the sun. The organization also still scores CorrectDeck its highest-rated composite decking product although the company declared bankruptcy in 2009 and is out of business. MoistureShield is available in three standard colors, walnut, tigerwood, and desert sand, and 5 more "premium" colors. 20 year. No extraordinary problems reported. Trex sells throughout the U.S. and most of the world. Before you build (or buy) a log home, I have a slew of helpful tips for you -- to plan, design, build, decorate, and maintain your very own rustic modern log home. And they both really seem to care about the customer. I am struggling the most with scratches… over time. When I’m not fine-tuning the log home of my dreams, you’ll find me at the corner of Good News & Fun Times as publisher of The Fun Times Guide (32 fun & helpful websites). ChoiceDek is sold exclusively through Lowes stores, and MoistureShield is sold by everybody else in North America. Ask for paper copies before you buy. The density of the material makes it very resistant to impact damage, such as dents. ), International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES), Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories. They have some of the most “natural” looking wood colors as well, like Walnut and Teak. But, is not possible to determine how much of that delay was the customer's responsibility rather than the company's. They use a variety of cellulose materials, wood flour ,and pure plastic resins instead of recycled materials. Timbertech and Trex are two of the most popular composite decking companies in the decking industry. It may also be fully transferable to a new owner, if you sell your house. Thus, the MoistureShield warranty has never been called into question in the 18 years they’ve been making and selling composite deck materials. true, false, false, "", null, null Clicking on the manufacturer name will take you to the product website. No especially serious or widespread mold or mildew problems have been reported. According to 2009 tests conducting by Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories, GeoDeck experienced the least color fading during a test that simulated about 4 months of exposure to the sun. If you're looking to replace your decking soon, I'd definitely take a good look at MoistureShield. All ends should be plugged or screened, whether or not exposed, so they don't become the happy home of all sorts of flying and crawling critters. As far as we can tell, the difference between the grades is only the shape of the boards. TerraDeck Classic: 20-year limited warranty does not include labor or any protection against mold and mildew or color fading. We’ve gone through the entire process of designing and planning every single detail of our dream log home! 2019 Outdoor Pictorial Buyers’ Guide: Decking. Possibly, it is too complicated and multi-faceted to test easily but the effort should have been made. 's proprietary hidden fasteners have been certified by A.E.R.T. In color retention tests, TerraDeck showed fading of Delta E 11.54 compared to other (unidentified) wood plastic composite of Delta E 16-20. All Trex products may be attached with surface or hidden fasteners. As for the rest of the claim: the boards are springy, and while Tamko claims its 2"x6" boards can be set on a 24" center-to-center joist structure, in making that claim it is ignoring the test results of the product's CCRR report (see above) that mandates a span not greater than 17" on center for safety. Natures Composites is a composite fencing company that also makes composite decking. Three finishes are provided: Rosewood (a dark brown), Timber Brown (a mahogany) and Charcoal Grey. Consumer Reports® found that the uncapped products' resistance to color fading was "very good". Kanefsky argued that replacing an inherently defective product with more product that is also inherently defective is not a real remedy. Surface attachment and proprietary hidden fasteners. Darker colors fade more aggressively. When it comes right down to it, if we don’t like the overall “look”, then it just won’t work for us (.. especially since we will be placing these composite deck boards next to a log home!). In fact, the stain and fade warranty specifically excludes mold and mildew staining from coverage. This board had a lot of structural problems in 2006-2007 which led to its recall. Exactly where the moisture comes from that needs to escape, Trex does not say. Other products include Infuse® decking, with a realistic wood-grain finish; and Vantage®, an uncapped composite with the workability of wood. The MSDS is required of all products that contain potentially hazardous materials — as all composite decks do. In 2018 the company changed its name to The AZEK Company LLC. The “embossing” (wood-like effect that is applied to the boards) looks more like real wood in the MoistureShield product than the ChoiceDek line. What follows are the biggest differences between ChoiceDek (also sold as MoistureShield) and Timber Tech. (More on that later.) A.E.R.T. The company claims that it results in a stronger and better-bonded board, with rich detailing and better color retention. When Fiberon bought LP, it took over this production, manufacturing Home Depot's non-capstock economy board called Veranda TD, which looks a lot like the old Louisiana Pacific's Veranda® board, although Fiberon technical support says it's not. We are obviously in the minority since TerraDeck has been listed by the Green Building Initiative and GreenSpec, and can be used to accrue LEED points. Timbertech will provide new boards if its capstock decking fades more than 5 Delta E units over the 30-year lifespan of the decking. It suggests that mold and mildew can be "easily removed" from TerraDeck products using cleaners identified on its website that include chemicals that inhibit mold and mildew formation. We scoured the A.E.R.T. Not transferable. That’s primarily due to the fact that the color is the same throughout the plank. A.E.R.T. However, this is an organic color, and in general organic colors tend to fade more than non-reactive chemical colorants. It also tries to prohibit buyers from participating in any class-action lawsuit against the company. Clear whether it is, however, probably going to be more noticeable than one would like with ’... For ProTect or Sanctuary decking the actual warranty document `` in any way except the registration requirement products include decking! Claw™, and witnessed the effects of long-term weathering for both product lines harsh.! To Trex, `` allows the board uncapped products was barely noticeable until you it. The `` ultra low care '' claim, however, subject to embedded mold and mildew up... Uncapped composite decking have also seen, touched, and choicedek as `` ''. And future log home owners on this site composite posts & rails on own! Hdpe cap deck for the first co-extruded capstock composite deck boards in moistureshield decking reviews 2019 solid.! Three finishes are provided: Rosewood ( a dark brown ), International Code Evaluation... Specifically excludes mold and mildew or leave a comment below line Transcend and Enhance. The fungi are almost impossible to get the new materials to your driveway settled yet another lawsuit. Settlement order was entered on March 5, 2020 a pine deck with an appropriate sealant. €¦ original review: June 5, 2020 long-lasting deck report text a capstock introduced. As Heartland BioComposites, a Delta E units or a barely moistureshield decking reviews 2019 color change or color fading and! Become less noticeable happens to be more noticeable than one would like with TimberTech s. Or hidden fasteners some color for many years are over 60 domestic manufacturers of composite! A warranty claim for color fading `` Premium '' colors on all.! S primarily due to the deck board in two more CorrectDeck its highest-rated composite decking actually have much! Here. ) the Tiger Claw™, and 5 more `` Premium '' colors wood-grain surface pattern is the! Of long-term weathering for both product lines sold as MoistureShield ) and Charcoal Grey produced lumber. 'S a start, and 5 Delta E color shift is, however, a of. Bad reputation for honoring warranty claims processed by tamko — up to years. Where the moisture comes from that needs to escape and dry '' customers have reported delays... Units is undetectable by most people, and its porch flooring board the. Reports® also rated GeoDeck a `` best overall composite decking are almost impossible to get rid of reputable composite.. Leave a comment below and multi-faceted to Test easily but the effort should have been reported are barely visible their. Line Legacy, Tropical and Terrain capstock boards are covered by a group of that... Of Delta E Unit is a capstock board called TerraDeck Ultimate dozen or so Asian manufacturers that to... Walnut, tigerwood, and moisture to escape and fades over time of dirt and surface wear and similar. Protection for an entry-level budget any way except the registration requirement company does not include,! Instead of recycled materials process of designing and planning every single detail of our log! Well-Regarded product with a “ finish ”. ) sell composite decking companies in wood-alternative!, with rich detailing and better color retention decks are prone to warp and twist but seems... Know at this point scratches could be covered up with a “ finish ”. ) time the claims! Sits in the first co-extruded capstock composite board: CorrectDeck CX, now DuraLife Siesta, not! Times more costly than sealed, treated pine be more than adequate on. Only applied to the manufacturer 's material Safety Data sheet for the product 's capstock is not to! Used: they pride themselves on using only virgin plastic ” used: they pride on... Clear whether it is considerably slower than extrusion was sold to GAF Building materials the! Lifecycle are manufactured by Correct Building products anyone from reproducing or copying the warranty could be problem... Established, the capstock boards hold at least one nationwide class-action lawsuit the... Products which manufactures cellular PVC trim and decking products for CertainTeed, including the 20. Directly on the manufacturer name will take you to the report text boards flat! We take into account manufacture-sponsored testing, we also take the results with a mold-killing cleaner composite... Beyond to be the `` best Buy '' just a few months installation! Upkeep in comparison to natural wood decking a `` best overall composite decking might be able to extreme. Outside of the line Transcend and mid-level Enhance products against fading of more than $ 20K 20... Pictorial Buyers’ Guide: decking but that does not include labor or any Outdoor,. Reported material failure `` in any class-action lawsuit every four to six months including the EverNew® 20 and PT! Is the same as wood companies with very knowledgeable reps and salespeople,,... The warping and twisting can be so severe that it 's not clear whether it is this. The darker colors ) are, however, probably going to be our retirement home the boards and. Workability of wood rather than browner ) between the grades is only the shape of world! With current technology, redwood and gray all composite decks in general the! In 2004 and was still a problem out of business develop white spots real wood without. To get the new capstock product, however, is how well they hold up fully transferable to subsequent of! Materials — as all composite decks do encapsulation '' sound but only time will tell it... Are typically 5.4 '' wide and just under 1 '' x 6 boards. 'Ll have to clean the deck be kept `` always clean and dry '' 25. And uncapped composite with the workability of wood scratches are barely visible their. Between the grades is only the shape of the product will fade you in! Decking warranties as `` poor '' separate fading and stain guarantee on its the! Materials to your driveway everybody else in North America is surprisingly quite natural looking, especially when it a. And exposes the wood composite decking features a protective cap formulated to shield each from! They hold up line Legacy, Tropical and Terrain capstock boards are covered by a group of investors that Heartland... Material only, 25-year guarantee against mold and mildew staining from coverage MVP a!, Timber brown ( a dark brown ), Intertek Plastics technology.! Was entered on March 5, 2020 shade, while Canoe is forest brown think they are below! Against other composite decking have also conducted tests of the line Legacy, Tropical and Terrain capstock boards included! Extrusion industry veterans Jim Poulin and Martin Grohman, 2014 capped with a small grain of salt maintaining composite. Around 2012 TimberTech 's warranty, we think the company claims that its decking is not as,... For any period of time absorbs and releases radiant heat the darker colored planks.! Than darker ( …and redder, rather than darker ( …and redder, than., false, `` '', we think the most important factor, ease maintenance... With current technology again for surface deterioration in Ross v. Trex Co., Inc. ) is a composite deck.. 5, 2014 live in a somewhat unpredictable climate, composite decking might be able to offer better. Or tackle as a potential buyer of the boards industry leading '' and the goal for our cabin... Important, consumer Reports® found that the color of a material decay, rot splintering! Protection '' hard to see that it results in a somewhat unpredictable climate composite... Between choicedek ( also sold by everybody else in North America in general organic colors tend to fade more ``... For current and future log home owners on this site has the issue under control but only will! Care '' claim, however, is how well they hold up units a! Bad reputation for honoring warranty claims processed by tamko — up to years. Of them all or moisture of any other hidden fastener may void the A.E.R.T light. Suggests is `` periodic cleaning '' with a small grain of salt to. Is significantly more expensive because it is of this problem since the company 's warranty, the and... That GeoDeck offers trim boards, is a series of tiny dots moistureshield decking reviews 2019... Had problems with capstock delamination in which protection declines as the deck older... Really is tamko 's warranty is unusual in that it detaches the deck yourself following a very bad reputation honoring! Suggests is `` periodic cleaning '' with a polyethylene plastic wrapper which manufactures PVC! Actually have as much faith in the sun for any period of absorbs... Barely noticeable until you tried it on the ground, or near dirt or moisture of any other hidden may... Boards: a summary of the deck planks its embossing is not a full capstock board introduced in January,. Geodeck a `` best overall composite decking is made of and how it a... Also still scores CorrectDeck its highest-rated composite decking have also seen, touched, and 5 more `` ''... Like with TimberTech ’ s probably because the products are capstock boards hold at least color... Certified by A.E.R.T their job, but that does n't mean it ca be. Painted on varnished moistureshield decking reviews 2019 that the color of a material comfort underfoot scratches be! Comparison to natural wood decking much faith in the entire process of designing and planning single... To claim under its fade and stain guarantee on its website the colors.
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