Happiness came to the Aruna family two weeks ago as the beautiful daughter of Quadri Aruna and his wife stepped into this beautiful world with an even beautiful name, Amira, which means “woman leader”.
Expressing this life changing experience, Quadri said, “It feels so great and good having third new born baby, it was not an easy process but I thank God for safe delivery. I must confess that it’s somehow more responsibility.”
Indeed, responsibility is a big factor is Aruna’s life. He is one of the most successful table tennis players from Nigeria with a current world rank of no.25. This coupled with the responsibility of being a father, is undoubtedly something that he has managed brilliantly over the last few years. His first child is a beautiful four year old girl – Mariam Aruna who goes to a Portuguese basic school and the second one is his 17 month old son, Junior Aruna.
Quadri explained, “To be a father means total responsibility. After I had my first child my life, my life changed positively and I started to get more responsible than before. Being a father gives special happiness and it’s one of the best things in life. Taking care of children has never been easy and one just has to take it as an important responsibility.”
A professional player, Quadri has been an incredible support for his family. He has been successfully managing the dual responsibility of fatherhood and being one of the top table tennis players in the world. However he admits, “I must confess that being a father combining with training, playing matches and traveling around the world has not been very easy. I must thank my beautiful wife for great understanding.”
He continued, “The reason these things get easy for me is because my wife has a good understanding and she is also a table tennis player.Without my wife’s support, things won’t be easy as this. She does more than what is expected from her and thus takes care of kids in a great way. My wife is like a mother to me and she really means a lot to me.”
The couple also finished an online course at the Atlantic International University in the US.
The Nigerian seems to have a magic wand in his hand with successfully managing so many responsibilities, and that makes him a complete person.