In Africa, Bose Kaffo, 44, is the first female African table tennis star to feature in five Olympic Games from 1992 to 2008 and on record she remains the second Nigeria woman to compete at five Olympic Games after sprinter Mary Onyali.

At six consecutive African Games, Bose Kaffo had won fifteen medals (seven gold) in singles and doubles from 1987 to 2007, winning at least one medal at each Games.

After her outing at the Beijing Olympic Games in China, Bose Kaffo has not played major international tournaments for Nigeria but she has been involved with Africa when she coached the African team to the World Cadet Challenge in 2010.

Apart from her romance with table tennis early in life, Bose Kaffo never took her education with levity as she boasts of a and Master’s Degrees in Sports Science.

For five years, Bose Kaffo was down with illness but in 2015 at the African Games in Congo Brazzaville, she was a Performance analyst of Team Nigeria.

“After the 2008 Olympic Games, I lost my mum and then I was on the Board Lagos State Sports Council. I was also into professional courses and unfortunately I went down with an ailment which took away five years of my life. On getting, I worked as a Performance analyst to the All Africa Games 2015 and Rio 2016 with the Paralympians,” she said.

“For now, there are lots of things to give back to the society at any given time. As for table tennis, it is just more than I thought I could give. I have to give all of me to meet my desire for my sport. For me now, sports mean not only table tennis. My aim now is to move sportsmen from mere sportsmen to better profiting people in sports. I will want to work in an environment where my athletes will be among the best in the world.

“As a qualified table tennis course conductor and a coach, my first interest is to see Nigeria retaining the best in Africa. We need to educate our coaches, examined their efficiency and test their qualities. I will want to see more top and better players in Africa table tennis. We can achieve this, by constantly conducting coaching courses and training programmes. We need to go down to schools and its environs and advertise table tennis. As a sport scientist, I will like to make use of my ability to bring out the best in developing and less privileged countries, she added.

Bose Kaffo believes athletes should beyond sports but aim to go to school. “When I was studying, it was tough and I had to give education my all because I discovered that I cannot achieve anything without it. Although, I have been interested in studying and I was not looking to be what I am as an athlete then. With the fast growing world, I am often graving for more knowledge in my field.”

At 14, Bose Kaffo became an integral part of the Nigeria national team and for her; table tennis has brought good tidings. “I am table tennis. I love my first love and I am what I am because of table tennis. Whatever I want to become the name Bose Kaffo always rings seriously that I am intimidated and humbled. We are always contributing into something and you get recognised. So I’m recognised for all I did in table tennis. Then I gained the World recognition from table tennis. Table tennis was a platform that demands the better of me both academically. What I am aiming for right now is the ability to give back into the community through what I have seen in the sport abroad.”