They came they saw and the loved. It aptly described the experience of Botswana’s Oratile Kedisaletse and Tlotlo Kgosimore at the 2015 ITTF World Junior Circuit in Egypt.

For 16 year-old Botswana’s Oratile Kedisaletse and Tlotlo Kgosimore, taking part in the Egypt Junior and Cadet Open has opened their eyes to new techniques in the sport.

Oratile Kedisaletse, who plays for True Identity Club in Gaborone in the last two years described her experience in Egypt, has worthwhile.

”This is my first international tournament but it is a tight one. The players here are good and they play better. I am glad to be here because I am getting more experience,” she said.

Her compatriot – Tlotlo Kgosimore, who plays for Moshupa Club in the last five years, said his debut in Egypt exposed him to the best players in Africa.

“This is my debut in International competition and it has been a worthwhile experience. It is a very interesting tournament and also beneficiary because I am learning new skills especially from the African players. We are also thrilled by the quality of the facility in the hall,” he said.

For 14 year-old Khaled Khader, taking part in the tournament would surely improve his skills and help him to improve more.

The Amman-based player has been getting support from his father, who is also one of his coaches. “I am from Amman in Jordan and I sponsored myself into this competition. I started playing the game at four and I have three coaches including my dad. I train during the week after school hours as well as on weekend,” Khader said.

But the Jordanian is not happy that he has to play too many matches in Egypt. “This tournament is a good tournament but the matches I have played daily are too much. The many matches we have been playing are affecting my performance. Although this is not my first international tournament as I have featured in some other competitions,” he said.

However, despite Khader’s passion for the sport, he aspires to become an engineer.

Despite the distance to Jordan, Khader still admires China’s Ma Long and Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri, whom he described as skillful players he would love to emulate.