Four months after pitching her tent with Swedish club – Storfors, African champion – Dina Meshref (EGY) has celebrated the first laurel with her new club.

Dina Meshref was instrumental to the triumph of Alhy in the Egyptian league on April and she again was part of the victorious Storfors side that claimed the league title in Sweden ahead of defending champion – Eslov.

Narrating the road to the zenith of the Swedish league, Dina Meshref said: “It has been a very unique experience playing in Storfors BTK this season. It’s more of a family club rather than something official. All the girls sleep together in one house in Storfors; we eat together, do our laundry together, chat and play some games together after dinner. It’s the first time Storfors wins the gold medal, and I am very happy we did it together this year; it wasn’t easy to beat Eslöv (the champions for many years before), but we were capable of doing it.”

Continuing she said: “It wasn’t easy to win the league with Storfors, because there are many good players in the teams we have played against, and in the final match there was a strong Chinese player.”

She described the feat of winning the Egyptian and Swedish leagues as tiring and energy-sapping. “It feels so good to win both the Egyptian and the Swedish leagues this year, especially that it was a tough year for me with a lot of travelling and competitions, so I am very happy that the end result was great,” she added.

However, Dina Meshref’s desire to take her game to the top level has promoted her to keep away from competing in any league next season. “Unfortunately I decided to stop playing in international leagues for the next season, since I need more time to practice and develop my game.”