Mohamed El-Beiali and Ahmed Saleh are key members of the Egyptian team and they are playing for Fenerbache in the elite division in Turkey.

On Sunday May 5 in Instanbul, Mohamed El-Beiali and Ahmed Saleh celebrated Fenerbache’s unbeaten run in the Turkish league as the Instanbul-based team claimed the title this season.

From the 16 teams that featured in the league, Fernebache played 30 matches without losing any with Ahmed Saleh and Mohamed El-Beiali contributing immensely to the feat.

An excited Mohamed El-Beiali said that he was happy winning the title in his first season with the Turkish giant.

“It was a big feat for us because we won all our league matches without recording any loss. We played 30 matches at home and away format without dropping anyone of them against the 15 other teams. The final match was explosive as we won 4-3 against Beshktash with me winning two singles and one doubles in the encounter. It was a good experience for me being my first season with the team. I hope I can also win the Turkish Cup when we play on June 8 or 9 and we are yet to know our opponent,” Mohamed El-Beiali said.

The Egyptian star also believes the team can compete favourably in Europe next season.