At 37, El-Sayed Lashin is not ready to drop the racket for anything. He is considered one of the best players that have represented Egypt at various continental and international competitions. Attended three Olympic Games with several continental titles on his neck, El-Sayed Lashin is still deeply in love with the sport that has given him a larger than life image.

“I don’t know exactly when I will stop playing table tennis because as long as I am still in good shape in terms of fitness coupled with the enjoyment I derive from playing under pressure particularly in important match, I will not like to stop playing the game,” he said.

El-Sayed Lashin who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Logistics from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport describes table tennis as life to him. “Table tennis means my life and I cannot quantify what the sport has given me in life. But the most important thing that table tennis has added to me is people around me especially in some bad moments I had in my life. And for sure it has helped me to filter people in terms of good and bad ones.”

The former African champion believes the sport has experienced tremendous improvement in the last couple of years. “Table tennis is improving as a game and it is becoming very fast ad powerful than before. The advent of social media is really helping table tennis to become more popular and accepted globally.

For the fierce rivalry between his compatriot – Omar Assar and Aruna Quadri (NGR), El-Sayed Lashin said: “For sure it’s very good and healthy for both of them and this rubs off positively on their world ranking. Their match is always very special and they are both good fighter. This is a god advertisement for Africa. I look forward to more improvement in Africa,” the 2011 Pan Arab Games champion said.