A new face has emerged as the president of President of the Congolese Federation of Table Tennis after former Vice President; Jean-Marie Okouna was unanimously elected on November 6 in Brazzaville.

Jean-Marie Okouna took over from Henri Djombo, who voluntarily relinquished his post for national duty as a serving minister in the Central African nation.

Under the leadership of Djombo, table tennis received a lot of support from the Congo Brazzaville government and the country hosted a lot of continental championship like the African Junior Championship, African Senior Championship, African Cup as well as African Games in 2015.

It was under the stewardship of Henri Djombo that the country became the title contenders in most African championship with the team finishing second in the table tennis event of the African Games ahead of Nigeria.

Jean-Marie Okouna will serve for another four year term and he is expected to turn the fortune of the sport around even as the country is planning to host the African Cup in 2017.