At 24, Khalid Assar believes the future is still ahead of him and he hopes to capitalize on his recent move to Denmark to up his game.

Khalid, who is the sibling of Omar Assar, is not ready to step into the shoe of Omar, which he admits might be too large for him to wear. Like an optimist, the graduate of Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport is eyeing top 50 in his career.

“I recently joined a Danish club from my former club in Torino, Italy. My club is B75 and it is based in Copenhagen. I know my brother is very popular but I don’t think I can be as popular as him. I just want to continue to work hard and start by making the top 100 in the world,” he said.

For Khalid Assar, table tennis has taken him beyond the shore of Egypt and it has opened doors of opportunity for him particularly wearing the colour of the national team at major competitions within and outside Africa.

“Table tennis has made everything good for me and I hope I can make top 100 very soon. My aim if be among the top 50 players in the world and also become African champion in near future,” he said.