Prior to 2000, Jude Okoh was an integral member of the Nigeria national table tennis team but when an opportunity came his way to travel to Mexico, he did not waste time to grab it.

On getting to Mexico, he fell sick and had to undergone operation which was successful and for more than five years, he could pursue career in table tennis. But when the chance to put his talent to use, Okoh grabbed it and he made the Mexican national team to the 2008 World Table Tennis Championship in Guangzhou, China and for more three years he was an important member of the Mexican team.

In 2011, Okoh guided Mexico to his first international title with a bronze medal in the team event of the Pan America Games hosted by Mexico. This feat paved the way for the Nigerian to improve himself in the art of table tennis and today, Okoh is a national coach with the Mexican team to the just concluded 2015 ITTF World Championships in Suzhou, China.

Married to a Mexican and blessed with three children and a home to live in, Okoh said that he never regretted moving to Mexico.

“When I left Nigeria I was still playing in the national team with the likes of Segun Toriola and Monday Merotohun and on getting to Mexico I fell sick and I had to undergo operation and it was successful. I played for Mexican national team and later I became coach/player and it was then in 2011 that I led the Mexican team to win their first international medal in table tennis at the 2011 Pan American Games in the men’s team event. I am now a coach with the team and things have been working well for me,” he said.

“It was while in Mexico I met my lovely wife and we have three wonderful kids with a beautiful home to live and what else will I ask God to do for me. I will remain grateful to God for this and the Mexicans have appreciated what I have done and still doing and it has become my adopted country,” he added.

However, Okoh could not but admitted that the feat achieved by Aruna Quadri has also made the Mexicans to appreciate him more. “I think the Mexican now appreciate me more after seeing what Aruna Quadri did in the world and for me that is a big boost for my profile and I am looking forward to seeing more Quadri making impact in table tennis,” he said.