Also refer to this link: Drives, partitions, formatting w/Mac's + PC's As you said “There are several reasons why Mac won’t recognize a drive. Before initiating the process to fix the issues with your hard drive, some external drives have power cables or a physical power switch, which should be ON at all times for you to perform operations on the disk. b. 1. ; It will find and correct some minor errors. Launch Finder and tap on Go -> Utility. a. Connect the external hard drive to your Mac and copy the important data to the Mac PC. ; Then select Disk Utility and choose the external drive from the left sidebar. 2. Does WD Elements Work with Mac. Open up Disk Utility on Mac. Hey guys, has probably asked a million times, but im pritty busy, so can't hang about searching. I bought a WD Elements 320gb today with is mac compatable, but I just tried to drag some of my photos onto it, and it's saying "This item could not be moved because "Elements" cannot be modified. If disk already mounted and system goes to sleep, it also powers down ports, including USB ports. On the other hand, if I plug the drives individually, into my D-Link DUB-H7 USB 2.0 hub then they gets recognised as a USB device and even mounts. Solution 3: Check USB Hub If you connecting your external hard drive with Mac using USB Hub, check the USB hub for any damage or any loose connection. I am wondering if I can ask you a help. To run Fist Aid on an external hard drive: Open Disk Utility. ; Tap on Verify Disc to confirm the action. I have WD Elements 1TB external drive, it has a USB 3.0 Supported cable. Part 1. To get ExFAT to work on Windows and Mac. How to Fix External Hard Disk Detected But Not Opening? c. Now you would be able to use the external hard disk on both the computers. By default, a WD Elements HDD cannot work on Mac computers as they are formatted in NTFS format. Hello, my name is Mac. Solution 2 : Change External Drive. Select your external drive on the left side pane. It helps to verify and repair a range of issues related to startup HD and external drive problems. When you wake your Mac up, for whatever reason, your external drive does not wake up”. The device manager shows it as not connected and doesn't appear in Disk Management either. My reasoning is based on the following: When I plug in the drive straight into the Mac no drive lights appear and it is not even recognised as a USB device, when checked via "System Information". It worked the first time and I … I have Gigabyte B450M-DS3H motherboard and it's brand new. No installation is required. what if a hard drive (WD. Wd passport light on but not working; Wd external hard drive light on but not working - Best answers; ... Western digital 1TB external hard drive not recognized by PC ... Could you check if other external devices are working normally on your Mac PC? This format is not supported on Mac devices and you will not be able to access the hard drive. My WD elemnts 1TB drive will not show up on my advent (windows vista) laptop. 4. Click on the "Erase" tab which is among the tabs on the top. Whenever I plug it in my USB 2.0 port, it works fine but in USB 3.0 port, constant white led is there and doesn't blink. Now connect the external hard drive to Windows 8 computer and format it in FAT32 file system. I can't find it anywhere. (important) 3. It makes the noise of something being plugged in and gives me a safely remove hardware option but won't give me autoplay or show up in my computer. If you are able to fix the hard drive or SSD in your Mac (or an external drive) using Disk Utility you will hopefully be able to recover your files. Select the top-most item bearing the name of the external drive, not any of the partitions listed below the name of the external drive. Part 2. Download some version of Linux Live and boot it on your Windows PC.