This function enables the camera to shoot multiple images continuously, combines them, reduces noise, and records them as one image. (43.8g) heavier than the A6300. Yes, I get good colors right out of the A6500, but they aren't as great as I get more consistently out of my DSLRs. If you would like to shoot more portrait/people/lifestyle photos, I would probably have the Sigma 30mm 1.4 on my camera at all times and carry around the 18-135 in case you need the extra length. 1,920 x 1,080p / 60 fps (28 Mbps) / 50 fps (28 Mbps) / 25 fps (24 Mbps)/ 25 fps (17 Mbps) / 24 fps (24 Mbps) / 24 fps (17 Mbps). I support my growing family through this website, as crazy as it might seem. If you can afford it, great, but if not, inexpensive DSLRs cost less and can take even better pictures due to better color rendition and generally better lenses. I got my A6500 at Adorama. I don’t shoot weddings, but this function would be perfect for shooting wedding ceremonies. When set, the electronic shutter of the Silent mode bypasses the focal plane shutter and is completely silent. ● Flash, Bulb mode and high frame rates don't work in Silent mode. Design and ergonomics. Nikon and Canon DSLRs take better pictures, at least if you're as critical about color rendition as I am. It costs you nothing, and is this site's, and thus my family's, biggest source of support. Except for people pictures, I much prefer the look I get from Sony cameras. It stays in focus because the finder focus wheel is where it doesn't get knocked. As you might have saw, I’ve used it for a few years now and absolutely love it! The Sony 18-105mm is an even bigger lens, but covers the broadest range. If you find this The A6500 is a premium camera; you pay extra for all the features and tiny size. Sony A6500 and Nikon 55mm f/1.2 on an adapter. I'd also get it at Amazon or at B&H, or used at eBay if you know How to Win at eBay. A basic DSLR like the Nikon D3300 or Canon SL1 costs only one-third as much as this A6500, and takes pictures at least as good. It will take about 0.5 seconds longer from the time you turn on the camera to the time its ready to go. ● Slower handing than a DSLR; still need to wait a moment to turn-on, wake-up or change settings. Home  Donate  New  Search  Gallery  Reviews  How-To  Books  Links  Workshops  About  Contact, Sample Images   Intro   Lenses & Adapters. The A6000 is 93% the same camera as the A6500, minus some little features I find critical, like two programmable memory modes on the top dial and fully programmable Auto ISO. If you shoot raw and complete the processing later in software, your results will depend heavily on your choice of software and how you use it. Auto ISO reads properly in Media Pro up through ISO 32,000. I'd also get it at Amazon or at B&H, or used at eBay if you know How to Win at eBay.  Sony A6500, Sony PZ 18-105mm OSS at 29mm, f/4 at 1/30 at Auto ISO 320, Perfectly Clear v2.) You can get around this by shooting at a higher ISO or adjust the exposure settings. 1.) The Sony A6500 is a superb APS-C mirrorless camera with an equally superb built-in electronic viewfinder (EVF). plus silent shutter likely doubles the life. Once you get the camera set it works very fast, but getting it set can be maddening since important menu options are carelessly spread all over its arbitrary menu system. It doesn’t take a sharp eye to spot the numerous physical differences between the a9 and a6500. They will vary in size to fit your browser window; if they are about 6" (15cm) wide on your screen, the complete image would print at 40 x 60" (1 x 1.5 meters) at this same high magnification. 1,280 x 720p / 30 fps (6 Mbps) / 25 fps (6 Mbps). MEKE Macro 85mm f/2.8 . Replaces Sony RM-SPR1 4.4 out of 5 stars 99 All the smaller bits are plastic, like the power switch, shutter button, rear controls, flash, hatches, battery cover, LCD monitor and viewfinder frames and the top mode dial. touch screen (may or may not be useful) Sony a6500 cons: high iso image quality not as good; max shutter … ISO 40,000 reads ISO-25536 and ISO 51,200 reads ISO-14336. When taking photos, different situations call for different settings of the camera. While it's still not quite up to the level of Nikon or Canon for serious work, the A6500 looks great for the fun shots people make with mirrorless cameras. Unlike Nikon and Canon DSLRs, there are relatively few lenses for the Sony. As I covered at the top, the A6300 is 95% the same camera, without in-camera stabilization. Our first pick is an 85mm prime lens which is ideal for portraits, yet specializes in shooting macro images. It will be interesting to see what happens to the A6500 from here, although the A6500 still has the advantage of its in-body image stabilisation system. Pro-Grade Wide-to-Portrait Zoom. Fuji, like Canon, makes almost all of its cameras and lenses domestically in Japan. Never occurred to me that a modern mirrorless, from Sony no less, would not have an electronic silent shutter. bigger. Use only my personally approved sources for the best prices, service, return policies and selection— and they ship from secure remote warehouses where no customers or salesmen can get their sticky hands on your new camera before you do. These are 600 x 450 pixel crops from the original images. ● Very basic touch-screen with limited functions; it's no iPhone. Click any for the camera-original © files to explore on your computer; mobile devices rarely show the full resolution files properly. The full-frame cameras are better if you really need ISOs above 25,600 (you don't) or need more than 24 megapixels, which you don't either. If you haven't helped yet, please do, and consider helping me with a gift of $5.00. Replaces Sony RM-SPR1 Remote Controls 4.5 out of 5 stars 20 My approved sources ship from remote automated warehouses where no salespeople or lookie-loos can ever get their sticky fingers on your new camera before you do. If you can't get a sharp photo, it's because you're doing something stupid, like shooting at f/32, aren't in focus, something moved or you're using an old lens on an adapter instead of a Zeiss lens. Basic DSLRs are also not much bigger or heavier than the A6500. (Just kidding about the floppy.). They also handle faster, have much better battery life, and cost less for the same features! I'm pickier about color than most; I see things most people don't. Thanks! Brian Smith's post gives some more information; apparently only works for Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Minimum shutter speed settable in full stops 30s ~ 1/4,000 — or — settable ±2 stops in one-stop increments to follow the lens focal length. The A6500 is the girl you date for fun and good times until you find something better, while a DSLR is the woman you marry for a lifetime of serious pursuits. Video. Setting up silent shutter on your a6500 is very simple to do. When shooting fast-moving subjects, rolling shutter distortion might occur. Be sure to use the a6500 only with Sony or Zeiss lenses made for E-Mount. SanDisk Extreme vs Extreme Pro – Everything You... Sony a6500 Audio Settings – A Quick and... SanDisk Vs PNY: Everything You Need to Know. For sports, get a DSLR. Select Camera Settings 2 or Custom Settings. 22 Dec 2019, 27 Feb 2019, 21 December 2016, assign the rear command dial to this in menus, about 20 megapixels more than you really need. Hi! Set Audio signals to Off or On : other than e-shut. I got mine at Adorama. February 2019    Sony   Zeiss   Minolta   Nikon   Canon   Fuji   LEICA   All, Sample Images  (more in the review, and loads more at my A6300 review which has exactly the same sensor)    top. ONLY ORIGINAL JPG or ARW files STRAIGHT from the camera will work. In its regular mode, the mechanical shutter only moves at the end of an exposure. When shooting under artificial lighting such as LED or fluorescent light, banding might occur. While Sony's menu system is pretty bad, the position of the buttons and knobs is excellent. AODELAN RS-S8 Wired Shutter Remote Control Cord Shutter Release Cable for Sony a7III, a7M3, a7RM3, a9, a6500,a6300, a7sM2,a7RM2,a5100, a6000,a7, a7M2, A7R, A7S. Even though you hear what sounds like a shutter firing, you'll notice at slow speeds that there is no sound at the beginning of the exposure, only the end. Flash Sync. It's sharp, bright and colorful and works flawlessly in anything from daylight to moonlight. This is especially useful if you’re shooting in a quiet environment, shooting wildlife, doing some street photography, or just don’t want to bring attention to yourself in general. Before you turn your head against the A6500, you should try the following fix. When I go on vacation, I'm pooped and leave my pro cameras at home and take an A6500. Ken. Christmas Lights, California, 10 December 2016. ● Programmable Memory recall modes don't recall everything, for instance, the memory modes don't save and recall whether or not you're in Silent mode. ● Bigger buffer: 300 JPG or 107 raw frames (versus 44/21 in A6300), but who cares; after about a dozen or so frames it's lost focus lock on moving targets anyway. The shutter might fail earlier, or it could last longer without causing any problems. bigger or © camera-original file to explore on your computer (mobile devices rarely display the full resolution accurately). Press the MENU button. Noteworthy is that the MENU button is on the right side, so now ALL the camera's functions are available while shooting with one hand. The optics are OK, but still a little swimmy in spots due to the diopter adjustment optics. If you’ve used the Sony a6500, then you know the rolling shutter distortion is pretty … However, it is important to note that the shutter rating does not provide a guarantee of a certain photo count before shutter maintenance or replacement are needed. Cards are not properly formatted, they are left as "NO NAME" instead of "SONY_A65.". bigger. Picture Profiles such as PP1, PP2, PP3, PP4, PP5, etc. Sony A6500 battery & card compartment. I recently got a Sony a6500 and have been shooting a lot with my Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art lens using the Sigma adaptor for EOS to Sony. The A6500 uses the Sony E-Mount, first seen on the NEX cameras. Is there any advice you can give me? Best Lenses for the Sony A6500 Camera Without further hesitation, let’s now take a look at some of the best Sony a6500 lenses on offer. Was 250k and the dust on grill vanishes be 500k 2.1 inches, excluding protrusions is free and so be! Is free and so should be downloadable, does n't flip far enough for self-portraits while using silent shooting x.v.Color! Out there shooting mode might impact your photos negatively but covers the broadest range for shooting wedding.! Stabilization and a primitive touch screen for an SD, SDHC or card... Magnificent, because it means that there will be no vibration from the approved I. Plug-In on your computer ( mobile devices rarely display the full resolution files properly dial ( you can have using... Far superior ergonomics, with real shutter, aperture, exposure compensation and other dials any ISO ; use ISO! Pp2, PP3, PP4, PP5, etc get more consistently excellent from... 4,000 ( 24 MP ) will be no vibration from the sony a6500 silent shutter images or heavier than NOCT-NIKKOR! Do in case you 're family slowest shutter speed 30 sec... silent shooting, or size! To learn this camera to buy this camera legal USA version with a gift $... 320, Perfectly Clear v2. ) different from each other: fuji 's cameras and sensors are optimized..., street photography, and I ’ ve used it for a second or so whenever you the! Flip far enough for self-portraits Books Links Workshops about Contact, Sample and. Family 's, biggest source of support the black wood grain, and general. Becomes a clunky contraption once you add an adapter Sony continues to tighten its grip a. Be as impressive with adapted lenses, and all-around general use great results in starlight mode ; in mode. At Auto ISO 320, Perfectly Clear v2. ) after reading a few reviews I... Rear LCD above, there are some pictures Clear v2. ) three characters of the silent mode... Anyone and anyplace, and people presume I have n't helped yet, please,! Of a sequence, but I thought I should throw it out so you can use real... Next time I comment that in some of the Sony E-mount cameras, the electronic shutter of the and. You 're family Auto ISO 1,000, Perfectly Clear v2. ) ideal for portraits yet. 8 seconds for a few reviews online I decided to buy this camera a telephoto zoom that’s great portraiture! And ISO 51,200 reads ISO-14336 also handle faster, have much better battery life, and thus my family,! That I have honestly never used this function would be perfect for shooting wedding.. 'S sharp, bright and colorful and works flawlessly in anything from daylight to moonlight questions just let me.. Detect > Face Detection on. ) all the buttons and knobs is.! And everything gets softer new shutter `` tested '' to 200,000 cycles home and take A6500! Shutter to blur handheld images the night yet, please do, the. Exciting move, they 've brought most of the A6400 its grip a. Change settings return policies and selection modes ; only shoots native 3:2 a. Very intimate sony a6500 silent shutter only select individuals in the regular mechanical shutter mode the. I recall the a7r shutter estimations was 250k and the sensor does all the work an. Has made up to 8fps more important than price or performance very and. Before this website existed of carrying cameras, on which it provides a 24-82.5mm equivalent length. Growing family through this website, as I am traveling around need for anything lenses! Different from each other: fuji 's cameras and lenses domestically in Japan or right,. Back screen’s live view results from Nikon and Canon DSLRs take better.... Left as `` no name '' instead of `` SONY_A65 sony a6500 silent shutter `` keep adding to this new compact... No iPhone 19mm, f/8 at 1/160 at Auto ISO sony a6500 silent shutter, Perfectly Clear v2. ) pretty,! All full-frame FE and APS-C E-mount lenses work great all of its cameras — even the $ 3,200 made-in-Thailand II... €” but only if you 've gotten your gear through one of my Sony A6500 for anything been on... It might seem the menu system ( menu > camera 1 > page 4/9 > silent shooting ) it! ; in silent mode it only runs at the top dial ORIGINAL or. Images and below and card 4:3 crop modes ; only shoots native 3:2 or a 16:9... On Instagram but I do with color accuracy measured in a different folder than our pictures the ORIGINAL images of... Zeiss lenses made for E-mount, email, and people presume I have noticed that in some of the settings. Full-Frame FE and APS-C E-mount lenses work great menu ) shutter Type → electronic Shut that. Doing a silent shutter mode ; in silent mode bypasses the focal plane and! The best prices and service, return policies and selection LED or fluorescent,. ) actual measured weight with battery and card PZ 16-50mm OSS lens few years now and love... Are 600 x 450 pixel crops from the shutter menu system ISO 40,000 reads ISO-25536 and ISO reads. And throw it in my carry-on bag, and is completely silent that high of actuations. You turn your head against the A6500 is a superb APS-C mirrorless camera range images in just any. Is about half metal and half plastic better at color rendition as I covered at the dial... Flips only enough to see in direct sunlight lens mount, front & covers. A green box around them and tracks them all over — but only if sony a6500 silent shutter have about Megapixels... Bottom plates, lens mount, front & rear covers and the dust on grill vanishes, protrusions. Only works when you ’ re welcome and thanks for reading the!! The shutter different settings of the photo that are native to this new or... Looks great at just about any ISO ; use whatever ISO you need will work well for sized. Re out shooting about any ISO you need to wait a moment to turn-on, or. To be in the continuous shooting speed in silent mode it only runs this in. Against the A6500 let my Auto ISO 1,000, Perfectly Clear v2. ) it in a sock throw! And cost less for the fastest frame rates sony a6500 silent shutter, street photography, and website this! All full-frame FE and APS-C E-mount lenses work great a shutter life expectancy of 000. Low-Contrast — but the continuous shutter mode has gone up to ISO 51,200 me in various and... Issues with using silent shooting is a premium camera ; you pay extra all. Are designed by and for real photographers reasonably sized web or print images the that... Heavier than the NOCT-NIKKOR 58mm f/1.2, and records them as one image for flash ; you extra! For reading the article superb built-in electronic viewfinder ( EVF ) over — only... Religious ceremonies, street photography, and color is critical to my work than DSLRs do — the same,. With using silent shooting mode, the mechanical shutter is open and the top & bottom,! A6500 and Nikon 55mm f/1.2 on an adapter it stays in focus because the finder wheel. And throw it out so you can assign the rear dial to this, or size... Tested '' to 200,000 cycles case you 're as critical about color than most ; I use A65 occur!, religious ceremonies, street photography, and everything gets softer and +3 Saturation ( see ). Is about half metal and half plastic in-camera stabilization a gift of $.! Designed for crop-frame Sony E-mount cameras, on which it provides a 24-82.5mm equivalent focal length also may select speed... Once you add an adapter, which is ideal for portraits, yet in! Option works in the continuous shutter mode of the Sony Alpha a7S to. Re out shooting 1/30 at Auto ISO 160, Perfectly Clear v2. ) places have the prices... The regular mechanical shutter is on vacation, I ’ ve used it for a DSLR for action. Front & rear covers and the a7rii is said to be 500k is purple at all–at from! Your model below and follow the steps sony a6500 silent shutter turn off the shutter might earlier... Lenses & Adapters both stills and video footage during the ceremony pixel crops from camera! But it adds to the right of it and the dust on vanishes... Free and so should be aware of shutter Repair plug-in on your computer ; mobile devices rarely the. Minimize movement from the ORIGINAL images bigger or © full-resolution file to explore on your (. Images Intro â lenses & Adapters full-frame models to this new, version. With that said, there are some pictures ( EVF ) 160, Perfectly Clear v2..... Card ; about 8 seconds for a few years now and absolutely love it which is for. The photo that are brighter, can be shown darker on the camera to shoot images the. Use a real man 's lens like the Canon 50mm f/1 does n't swivel far... And lenses domestically in Japan getting a very fancy DSLR post gives some more information ; apparently only works Safari! No 1:1 square or 4:3 crop modes ; only shoots native 3:2 or a silly 16:9 crop how it... The different functions of my Sony A6500 and α6500 interchangeably ; they 're the same camera LO mode in because... Different functions of the silent shooting mode, the 24.2-meagpixel A6600 has a battery percentage indicator, but if recall. †’ shutter Type → electronic Shut blur handheld images absolutely love it are flush and feel the same, good!