In the last four years, Nadeen El-Dawlatly has been an integral part of the Egyptian female national table tennis team while her partnership with Dina Meshref has recorded more successes for the North African team at major competitions within the continent.

Nadeen El-Dawlatly, who came from a table tennis family has enjoyed a lot of moment emulating his father and brother, who are both involved in the sports at global level.

Despite her emergence as one of the shining stars in Africa, Nadeen El-Dawlatly believes competing at her second Olympic Games is a dream comes true.

Having made her debut at the Olympic Games at London 2012, the 2015 African Games medalist is hoping for better outing in Brazil.

“I am really looking forward to Rio 2016 and I super excited. I am actually doing all I can to have best preparation and to be in my best shape. It has been my childhood dream to play at the Olympic Games and to record really good results,” she said.

Unlike her qualification for the London 2012, Nadeen El-Dawlatly admitted that making it to Rio was indeed a tough one. “It was not easy at all qualifying for Rio as it was really stressful as the 2015 African Games was long and I had to play so many matches against strong opponents. Mentally it was a battlefield that I am really proud of myself to succeed in it. Having qualified, my target in Rio is to have better results than London 2012, and to represent Egypt in a very good way. As well as enjoy playing at the biggest sporting event,” she added.

On her expectations in Brazil, she said: “I am very sure that everyone will be at their best shape and will do their best and fight till the very end. It is a fact that everyone has come a long hard path just to be in Rio and I am in a place where we are all winners. In Rio, it is going to be difficult as you are playing against either top 32 ranked players or regional champions, so every match is a tough one.”

Recalling her experience at London 2012, she said: “In London, I was not really prepared well as I had my high school examinations just before the Olympic Games and I was not in a good shape. This time I also have examinations in my College but I am doing all I can to make use of everything and to be in my best shape. At present I am in camp in Werner Schlager Academy, where I will have my preparation for the Olympic Games.” 

She however, expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of the Egyptian men’s team at Rio, saying, “I am sad as they were preparing really well for the Olympic Games and their inability to make it should be a bigger motivation to be even stronger than they are now.”