After winning the ITTF Challenge Nigeria Open, Dina Meshref became the second female African player to win the title after her compatriot – Nadeen El-Dawlatly won it in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria.

However, as history maker, Dina Meshref remains the only female as well from the continent to make it to the knockout stage of the annual ITTF World Cup.

For three consecutive years, she has qualified to represent Africa at the prestigious World Cup and this year against she will be heading to Canada to etch her name in the annals of table tennis history.

Still fresh from her exploits in Lagos, a determined Dina Meshref said: “I am good and I have started preparing for the World Cup. But I felt really happy to win the Nigeria Open this year, especially beating high level players on my way to clinching the women’s singles title. I must confess that the victory in Lagos motivated me a lot to train harder and improve my level further in order to improve my world ranking.”

For this year’s World Cup, the African champion is not limiting herself but hoping to make the best of her present form. “In general, I hope I can reach the semi final one day at the World Cup, even though I am aware that it’s not easy at all, but I will do my best. I am also going to be very happy and satisfied if I just reach the top 16 since I am still ranked behind (17-20) in the tournament, so if I manage to qualify to the top 16 that means I will have to beat a player ranked higher than me, which is good.
She however sounds modest in her dream, saying, “Well I hope I can exceed my last year’s performance this year and reach the top 8 maybe. I hope I could first surpass the group stage and reach top 16, after that, it will depend on the draw, but I will do my best to reach the quarterfinals.

To redouble her efforts in readiness for the battle in Canada, Dina Meshref will be heading to Austria for a training camp as well as features in the Austrian Open. “I am trying my best to prepare very well. I will be heading to Austria for a training camp in September, and then I will participate at the Austrian Open, after that I will continue my preparation in Cairo,” she added.