When Omar Assar (EGY) made his debut at the 2007 ITTF World Championship in Zagreb, Croatia, he set a target of making history. However, he was near history at the 2015 edition before he was knocked out in the round of 32.

Recalling his dream, Omar Assar said: “Since I started playing at the WTC in Croatia 200, I have a dream to make a new African record in this big tournament which I believe is still achievable.”

For the 2017 edition in Dusseldorf, Omar Assar said: “My target in Dusseldorf is to show an outstanding performance that I haven’t showed before at any competition. I have I always started my goals from the last achievement so I hope I perform well and cause an upset in Dusseldorf.”

On the uniqueness of the tournament holding in Germany, the African champion said: “Germany leads Europe in table tennis also it has the best European players so the WTC is a very special there . Also I expect many spectators and table tennis fans will come to enjoy the championship and I believe the tournament is special. Apart from my performance, the atmosphere will add an entertainment to the competition.”

On his readiness, he said: “My preparation has two parts, first are my matches in the French league, while the second part is the training camp in Sweden with The Swedish and English team in Halmstad.”

Like a typical African, Omar Assar is hopeful of good outing for African players particularly his continental rival – Aruna Quadri of Nigeria. “I am very optimistic about the African players and I wish them all the best in WTC especially Aruna Quadri who is in a good form currently in the French league. Also I believe that it is a very good chance for any player to make history in Germany because it will be an unforgettable competition. I wish all my teammates in the Egyptian team as well as Arab and African players as well.”