Outside table tennis, Sarah Hanffou is a legal practitioner who officially opened her law firm in France early this year. But the Camerounian is not deterred by her professional commitment to justice and equity as she will be part of the party in Budapest.

However, Sarah Hanffou may not be having a big dream like others heading to Hungary for the World Championship and being her first tournament in 2019; she is hoping to be in Hungary to warm up for the 2019 African Cup and Games with the sole aim of picking a ticket to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan.

The member of the ITTF Athletes’ Commission will be making her seventh appearance at the global tournament with the aim of giving her best against the best. “I am looking forward to this competition which will be the first international competition for me since the African Championship in Mauritius last September. I am also excited to meet my colleagues from the Athletes’ Commission and work on some specific topics.”

“This will be my seventh outing at the World Championship and my goal is to be ready for the African Cup and the African Games later this year. Also the level at the World Championships is really strong. I will do my very best, and try to go as far as possible. It will be a good reference to know where I am and what work to do ahead,” she added.

“These past months have been quite challenging personally and professionally. I was sworn in at the Court in January and opened my law firm in the meantime. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to train as I wanted to. But I am determined to do my best,” Sarah Hanffou admitted.

She described the tournament as the toughest for every player considering the quality and quantity of players converging for the championship. All the players are coming all over the world and the tournament is one of the toughest competitions in the world, not to say the toughest. The level of the competition is also amazing,” the former champion said.