Without any doubt, Dina Meshref of Egypt has been unbeatable in Africa in the last three years that she has dominated every tournament in the continent. And the queen of the sport in Africa is optimistic of good outing in United States next month.

At the 2015 African Games in Congo Brazzaville, she set a new Egyptian record as the first female player to win the women’s singles title in the history of African Games.

Three years consecutively she has picked the sole slot to become Africa’s flagbearer at the ITTF World Cup but her performance at the 2015 edition in Sendai, Japan remains her best outing as she made it to the second round of the competition being the best to be achieved by an African.

In Japan, the African queen recorded a surprise 4-2 win over Hong Kong’s Hoi Kem Doo after losing 4-1 to Netherlands’ Jiao Li to progress to the second round of the tournament. She however exited the competition after losing 4-1 to home –girl, Ai Fukuhara .

In Rio, Meshref negotiated the preliminary round but met a more experienced opponent in the first round where she was shown the exit by Thailand’s Nanthana Komwong.

However, the Business Administration undergraduate of American University in Cairo believes she hopes to give her very best despite shuttling between her studies and training in Cairo.

“I guess the Olympics’ preparation and the training camps I have done will still have their effect on my game at the World Cup. I trained very well before the Olympics. Now, I am going to continue preparing but in Egypt I have started my schooling. I really hope I can exceed the second round stage and do better than I did last year. However, reaching the last 16 is an achievement itself, and I would be very satisfied if I reach it again this year,” she said.

“I hope I can reach the last 16. Of course I strive for more but I want to think of it step by step. If I qualify through the group and reach the last 16, of course I would be very much looking forward to fighting to win the round of 16 match and reach the quarterfinals.”

She said she is not bothered that the female players have not humbled the feat achieve by their African male counterparts at the ITTF World Cup. “That the female have not matched the male players in terms of record at the World Cup and I think that can never disturb me. It makes me so proud to see any African player whether a male or a female reaching late stages in any event whether the World Cup, a World Tour, the Olympics, or the World Championships.My target is to reach the quarterfinals hopefully because last year, winning against world ranked 19th at that time, Hong Kong’s Doo Hoi Kem and reaching the last 16, I guess the jinx was already broken since that was the first time ever to happen among African females. Nevertheless, I strive to reach a later stage this year hopefully. . I hope I can just perform well and bring out my maximum. I hope Africans and all others who watch my game at USA enjoy watching my matches.”

The Egyptian who is thrilled by the feat achieved by Nigeria’s Aruna Quadri at Rio 2016 Olympic Games, while hoping that more players from the continent would achieve such record. “Of course any achievement achieved by any African player motivates the rest of us and inspires us to train more and get out our best. We are very proud of Aruna Quadri’s results and performance, and we wish to have more African players reaching the same and even higher stages,” she added.

She admitted that the Asians dominate the sport due to their dedication. “I guess that Asians are more dedicated to table tennis. For example, I am a student, and I give my studies a lot of time and effort.”